Saturday, August 20, 2016

Long Hot Summer in Online Selling for Artisans and Artists

Here we are in August and some artisans and artists have experienced a long hot summer from more than the weather. I am part of this group who sell in online ecommerce. The common denominator of what has caused this group including many friends to go through a long hot summer is the much publicized troubles on the large Etsy site. 

 These artisans and artists are adjusting in their individual ways from remaining in the status quo hoping for brighter future to completely leaving online ecommerce for 9 to 5 jobs or a pause to plan a new future. All these Etsy shop owners are unique small business owners. Their stories could be material for a book on what makes America great. 

One of the former Etsy shop owners sent me an email today announcing the completion of the shop move to their own shopping cart. When I looked at the work they did I read their about page. I am sharing it because it gives an example of the stories for that book mentioned above. Read about Two Broads and A Shop.

I have a couple new large paintings to upload to my website, but they will not be in my Etsy shop where inventory will be gone by the end of August. Sneak preview of painting below.


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