Monday, May 4, 2015

Rocky Beach Watercolor on Gessoed Mat Board Original Seascape Painting

"Rocky Beach"
5 x 7" watercolor

Today's daily painting is another watercolor on specially prepared gesso panel. A rocky beach that I've painted more than once in watercolor and also in acrylic provides a perfect seascape subject with water, rocks, sand, headlands, and trees.
I've found that traditional watercolor on these watercolor gessoed panels poses a real challenge. The panels don't come close to regular watercolor paper so the absorbance of the water is very different. I feel I can't control the water as I've learned to do on the paper.
Another challenge with this technique is the type of brushes. My fine sable brushes are a "no-no" because the surface is too rough for them. So I have to use synthetic brushes in order to apply more paint. 
If I'm frustrated with the need for more paint on the brushes,  why not paint opaquely as I did this same beach in acrylics? Compare this "Rocky Beach" with "Overcast Beach" 
One definite advantageous to these panels is that I can lift the paint from the surface very easily. But, I don't want to get into the habit of fiddling around with watercolors. I like clear washes or definite paint strokes in my watercolor paintings.

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