Thursday, April 30, 2015

Small Seascape Watercolor Painting on Gessoed Mat Board

"Morning Tide Going Out"
5 x 7" watercolor

Today's small colorful painting continues the series I started using watercolors on specially prepared mat board. For more information please see my earlier blog post.

"Morning Tide Going Out", colorful original watercolor painting, is an impressionistic view of the beach tide as it is turning in the morning light. The painting is watercolor on specially gessoed mat board to give a texture different from paper. The painting is sealed on the surface so it can be framed without glass as traditional watercolors need for protection.  

This is another painting from my series of seascapes using this technique with watercolors. I have found that my sable watercolor brushes do not work well on this textured surface. The substrate is very desirable because it is easily handled and makes shipping easier than watercolor paper.

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