Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Original Painting Can Inspire Room Decor

Are you wondering where to start in your redecorating? Too many paint chips and ideas clouding your decisions? Are you telling yourself you're not up to the task? Would you like a simple solution to get you going on the project?

Consider starting with an original painting to design your room decor. Notice how a painting is used in decorating a room in this article from  Room of the Day: A Painting Sets the Tone
Now try a simple plan for your room.
  •  Look at the colors and amounts of each color used in a favorite painting of yours. 
  • Then choose similar proportions of the colors in your room elements such as wall coverings, paint, fabrics, flooring. 
  • Be sure the color amounts are not all the same.
  • Use the accent colors in pillows and accessories.
Play with colors and proportions using paint chips to try out your ideas.

You don't have a favorite painting? Search for one on line and use its colors for your inspiration.  Have fun and let me know if this helped you.



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