Saturday, September 6, 2014

Paintings of Sunflowers from One Sunflower Sketch Over 13 Year Time Period

Sunflower painting by K Joann Russell.
"Unfolding Sunflower"
7 x 5" acrylic on canvas panel

Recently I found a sketch of a sunflower I drew with pencil and watercolors in the year 2001.  I still liked the imagery of the unfolding petals from a seed head so I decided to do a small painting from the sketch.

Sketch of a sunflower by K. Joann Russell.
As I was painting the new unfolding sunflower I recalled I had painted from this sketch previously. I was intrigued to look back at my earlier painting. 

I dug into my inventory list of completed work and the files and photos of the paintings. Lo and behold, I painted three not just one interpretation of the sketch! The earlier paintings were completed in late 2001 and sold in 2002.

Oil painting of sunflower by K. Joann Russell.
12 x 16" oil

Oil painting of unfolding sunflower by K.Joann Russell.
20 x 16" oil
Colorful oil painting of sunflowers by K.Joann Russell.
22 x 14" oil

All of these paintings were larger sizes and painted in oils. Which one do you like the best?


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