Monday, August 25, 2014

High Tide Surf Original Painting Colorful Limited Colors Palette Knife Daily Painting

Seascape daily painting of hide tide surf by K. Joann Russell
"High Tide Surf"
5 x 7" acrylic on canvas panel 

Ocean beaches on my mind here! Have I been eating too much of the fresh tuna my neighbor catches and shares with me? Nevertheless, the other day I wanted to start a new seascape painting, so I pulled out a newly gessoed canvas panel and grabbed a palette knife to dig into some leftover acrylic paints, two yellows, two blues and a bit of burnt sienna.

I did not intend to do a palette knife painting, but when I indicated the horizon I went with the fun of seeing what I could develop with the few paints and one palette knife. I had no idea what the final result might be; I was just having fun "emoting" over beaches I've been around all my life.

The fun continued and suddenly a picture was developing. I exclaimed, "that's just like the surf coming in at high tide, rolling and churning." So, I finished with a few dark colors to give more contrast and quit, before I ruined the painting with overworking which can be my downfall.

Later that day I showed the small painting to the fisherman and his wife without giving any explanations because I wasn't sure of its merits as a seascape. He immediately said, "Boy, do I know that!! The surf rolling and crashing around. Can I have it?"

 What has been your fun today?


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