Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Test Painting Watercolors on Canvas, Daily Painting Fun

Today's painting fun challenged me with a re-visit to painting watercolors on canvas.
Recently I used my jar of Golden Acrylic Absorbent Ground to prepare two canvases. In the picture's top portion I used a palette knife to spread a layer of ground on raw canvas. In the lower portion I spread a layer of ground on a previously double gessoed canvas panel.

With a #8 watercolor brush and fresh paints I played with colors on the two areas of ground. What amazed me the most was the lack of uncontrolled watercolor over the surfaces as I've previously found in using commercially prepared "watercolor canvases". I acknowledge "operator error" could have contributed to my previous frustration.

The paint seemed to "grab" on to the raw canvas ground without going through to the reverse side of the canvas. The ground on the canvas panel has a somewhat smooth surface but the paint didn't run uncontrollably. 

I tried adding colors to wet areas of paint, and I also tried  "lifting" paint in places. Additionally, I tried some "negative" painting areas and was very pleased with the results.

Later when the initial paints had dried I added more strokes of paint and also tried to re-wet areas for further work with surprising success

In conclusion, I'm excited to try more watercolors on canvas. I am so accustomed to traditional watercolors that they are a natural medium for me in contrast to using acrylics as watercolors. 

In recent years I've been painting oils and acrylics to get away from the framing challenges of watercolors on paper. Maybe I've found the best of both worlds for me. There's a freshness in the watercolor on the canvas panel ground that I like. 


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