Monday, July 28, 2014

Versatile Artist Palette for Acrylics

Palette for Acrylics
15 x 18 inches
An artist's palette speaks volumes about the artist, haven't you noticed? The former scientist (chemist) in me keeps an eye out for new techniques and supplies. I'm always "experimenting" to make my art processes better. Palettes are one of them. 

One of my daughters shared with me a nifty palette she learned about in working with Ali Edwards for creative memory keeping, an art form beyond the popular photo scrapbook.

In the photo above the dark brown under the paints and palette knife is the 15 x 18" sheet of heat resistant, slick work surface that is reusable and non-stick. What artist wouldn't like to have that for a palette instead of breakable glass?
So, I had to find out if it would work for me, possibly replacing my freezer paper inserts in John Pike boxes. Acrylic paints on this palette, called Ranger, turned out an artist's dream especially for clean up! 
Next I wanted to try water miscible oils with this palette. I used Cobra brand oils. They worked well even with clean up but not as easily as the acrylics did. 
Then I tried traditional oils. The results were unsatisfactory even using solvents for oils. Also the palette was easily scratched with repeated use of the palette knife. Clean up was so much more labor intensive than scraping a glass palette or disposing of freezer wrap.
Maybe this palette would work for you. It is sold at  or places such as Amazon, Hobby Lobby, and JoAnn's and usually packaged with two sheets of 15 x 18" each.  
Because of the warm summer weather I'm painting in oils with my usual palette. And I've even set up my pastels again.
Maybe when Seattle gray and rain return I'll use Ranger when I work more in acrylics for faster drying. I'm a little reluctant to cut down this new palette to fit my boxes. 
Maybe the curious scientist will show up this fall! Meanwhile, I'm soaking up the sun, which can be my excuse for not keeping up with my blog posts. Oh, I also have been revising my website as completion of the transition to my new computer system.


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