Friday, August 30, 2013

Colorful Original Rural Landscape Oil Painting of Harvest Fields, Small Daily Painting by K. Joann Russell


"Harvest Fields"
5 x 7" oil painting

Today's small daily painting is a colorful original rural landscape oil painting, showing an impressionistic view of fields of grain and recently plowed soil after harvest on a bright summer day. Time for the combines to thresh the oats! 

Dark evergreen trees on the hillsides contrast with the light colors of the grain. Distant mountains add a touch of cool color to the scene. 

In planning the composition for this small oil painting I drew from my experiences in quilting, tapestry, and interior design! Really? The common thread for me in those art media was the focus on shapes, colors, and textures. Interior design includes the same elements but in 3D which is the way I intuitively approach that type of design project. I "see" it somewhat as a sculptor does.

 View this oil painting on archivally prepared mat board as a series of interlocking color shapes with the gesso and oil paint providing the texture. Do you see the common thread in different art expressions?


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