Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Morning Light Rural Landscape Colorful Oil Painting Series by K. Joann Russell

Colorful Rural Landscape Oil Painting by K. Joann Russell
"Swan Lake #8"
16 x 20" oil

Morning light over ranch lands inspired this rural landscape oil painting that I've newly uploaded to my website. This is the eighth painting in the Swan Lake series of this area in southern Oregon. This is also a return for me to larger size colorful paintings.

One morning in the shade of the horse barn I looked down to see the bright light starting to bring another day to this vast ranch land. Follow the road for several miles to come to Swan Lake east of Klamath Falls, Oregon. 

There's something about morning light. Its clarity seems to engender hope at the start of a new day. There's an element of promise in its light for the good the day will bring. Its sharp contrasts of light and dark add a simplicity that comes from clarity. One of my favorite verses in Psalm 30:5 says "...but joy comes with the morning." The first part of that verse gives the sharp contrast for the joy of morning light.

Morning light draws painters, especially en plein air artists, for its composition possibilities of darks and lights in addition to the color nuances of that time of day. There is a quiet peacefulness that helps one focus on the painting tasks at hand. For one thing, time is short as the light changes which forces an economy of brushstrokes. 

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