Friday, July 5, 2013

K. Joann Russell Abstract Floral Painting Colorful Original Pink Flowers Floral Art

  "Flowerage #12"
9 x 12" acrylic

 New painting for today is a continuation of my flowerage series of abstract floral paintings. The many pink colors suggesting peony flowers in bloom present less challenge to me than uploading correctly sized photo files! Trust me, I'd rather paint than work on the computer.

Things on line change faster than the color nuances in my abstract colorful paintings! That also indicates that I've not been as regular in posting to my blog to stay current with the little details of blogger. Notably, the file I uploaded for July 4th turned into a too large image and one that didn't allow for seeing details of the painting's texture. I'm meeting the challenge head on today by trying to provide you a better size image.

 I'm quite pleased with the colors in this painting. These abstract paintings with limited palettes are gambles, "do or die" explorations. They can turn out oh so wonderful or oh so awful! This one is a jewel, I think. 

If you like the art style, view more in my new Etsy shop, Playing With Colors Art. See some samples in the column to the right. 

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