Thursday, July 4, 2013

Daily Painting Abstract Red White and Blue for America's July 4th

"The Red, White, and Blue"
6 x 10" acrylic on paper 

Today's abstract daily painting celebrates Independence Day here in America. My color association with this holiday is my favorite clear blue color, cobalt blue. My second color obviously had to be red, in this case, a cadmium red light, one of the tube colors I'm needing to use up for its "old" condition! White, the third color, is a staple addition.

As I freely mix the paints on the paper I focus on colors and shapes in abstract design without a subject in mind. Often words, phrases or quotes interrupt my focus for later addition in ink lines. "From sea to shining sea" won out today and fit with the blue colors that resulted in "water" shapes. Other images of places I've visited, ocean beaches, mountain streams and falls, came to mind to complement the water theme developing.

When the paints are dry I let my black ink pen "doodle" with the color shapes. This is like a fun Rorschach ink blot test! Later I may add text here and there among the shapes. Subconsciously I'm considering at the same time design principles. Fun freedom!

Be sure to click on the image above to see all the details.

This short daily experience is so freeing for an artist, especially one originally  trained in realism. All my life I've "thought with my pencil or pen" naturally. Someone asks me a question or poses a problem and without thinking I grab paper and pen and draw pictures, schematics, words, flowcharts. You have no idea how many times I've been "corrected" for doing that! 

In recent years I met a wonderful woman scientist, Caroline Leaf, PhD.,  who focuses on communication skills and brain structure. She explained a "thinking" style that described me to a "T". I no longer apologize for my "doodling" habit.

Happy Birthday, America!    Be free!


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