Monday, July 1, 2013

Daily Abstract Painting Playing With Red and Blue Colors for Fourth of July

"Playing With Red and Blue"
Acrylic on paper, Artist Journal

With my garden full of red flowers in different nuances of color contrasting with periwinkle blues to purples in pansies my daily abstract painting in my art journal was destined to include these colors. This week of the Fourth of July seemed perfect. The results were a bit surprising.

I used cadmium red light, light blue violet, and vivid lime green acrylic colors. The blue violet is one of those tubes I readily grab for skies and water which saves me time mixing paint. I figured I was "safe" with it because it is a mix of ultramarine blue with a touch of red in it and white.  I was thinking of a really light blue, but this was too dark. 

The vivid lime green color, a tube color which I've been trying to finish using somewhat saved the day by providing a lighter note to the blue.  The final touches were my "doodles" in black ink.

To see all the details of the colors and lines click on the photo above.

My daily color explorations start with a limited palette of only 2-3 colors from my drawers of acrylic paint tubes categorized by hue. I drop a few piles of paint on a blank page of my journal and start mixing paints randomly to see what results. Some are duds which I "rescue" on occasion, but most of them are wonderful color combinations for later abstract paintings which you'll find in my new Etsy shop Playing With Colors Art

I enjoyed my daily fun that gets me energized for my larger more "serious" paintings I'm working on. Today it was violet colors but I haven't done the ink lines yet. Tomorrow, what colors do you think I should play with?

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