Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Morning Light Rural Landscape Colorful Oil Painting Series by K. Joann Russell

Colorful Rural Landscape Oil Painting by K. Joann Russell
"Swan Lake #8"
16 x 20" oil

Morning light over ranch lands inspired this rural landscape oil painting that I've newly uploaded to my website. This is the eighth painting in the Swan Lake series of this area in southern Oregon. This is also a return for me to larger size colorful paintings.

One morning in the shade of the horse barn I looked down to see the bright light starting to bring another day to this vast ranch land. Follow the road for several miles to come to Swan Lake east of Klamath Falls, Oregon. 

There's something about morning light. Its clarity seems to engender hope at the start of a new day. There's an element of promise in its light for the good the day will bring. Its sharp contrasts of light and dark add a simplicity that comes from clarity. One of my favorite verses in Psalm 30:5 says "...but joy comes with the morning." The first part of that verse gives the sharp contrast for the joy of morning light.

Morning light draws painters, especially en plein air artists, for its composition possibilities of darks and lights in addition to the color nuances of that time of day. There is a quiet peacefulness that helps one focus on the painting tasks at hand. For one thing, time is short as the light changes which forces an economy of brushstrokes. 

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Nasturtiums Colorful Small Oil Painting Original Art by K. Joann Russell

Nasturtiums Colorful Original Oil Painting by K. Joann Russell
5 x 7" oil 

Today's daily painting is the oil painting of nasturtiums I mentioned in an earlier post. The bright orange and yellow nasturtiums from my garden make this small oil painting a real art jewel for its color and versatile size. This original colorful painting is on a 5 x 7" canvas panel. 
You can display the painting in a classic frame to enhance its bright colors. The size is also perfect for table top decor easels. The colors complement modern decorating.

I couldn't resist adding the blue colors in the background to help the flowers "pop" off the surface of the canvas. Blues and oranges are complementary colors on the color wheel. Likewise, the touches of red in the orange colors are complements of green colors. Traditional Christmas colors of red and green are another example of these complements.  

The painting comes to you unframed. It is varnished and ready to place in a standard size frame. 

Purchase here for complimentary shipping in the USA.  View more small paintings ready for you.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Nasturtiums Abstract Colorful Painting in Daily Art Journal of K. Joann Russell

5 1/2 x 9" acrylic on paper

Nasturtiums in orange and yellow colors are growing at present in my garden voluntarily from seeds fallen from last year's flowers. The bright colors greet me every day. Small birds dart around underneath the large green leaves next to the leaves of the red Oriental poppies now finished with their blooming. 

I started a small 5 x 7" daily painting of a few blossoms of the nasturtiums only to have interruptions start at me coming left and right. Consequently the painting still waits for a few more brush strokes of paint.

My daily artist journal entry takes only a quick 5 - 10 minutes, so I expressed my joy in the colors of nasturtiums in this sketch. All that I used for colors were the "leftover" tube colors now in film canisters, a bright yellow, a yellow-orange, and a dark green. Sorry, no brand nor specific color names for this collection of canisters.

Click on the image of the sketch above to see the interesting details in the paint application.
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Friday, July 5, 2013

K. Joann Russell Abstract Floral Painting Colorful Original Pink Flowers Floral Art

  "Flowerage #12"
9 x 12" acrylic

 New painting for today is a continuation of my flowerage series of abstract floral paintings. The many pink colors suggesting peony flowers in bloom present less challenge to me than uploading correctly sized photo files! Trust me, I'd rather paint than work on the computer.

Things on line change faster than the color nuances in my abstract colorful paintings! That also indicates that I've not been as regular in posting to my blog to stay current with the little details of blogger. Notably, the file I uploaded for July 4th turned into a too large image and one that didn't allow for seeing details of the painting's texture. I'm meeting the challenge head on today by trying to provide you a better size image.

 I'm quite pleased with the colors in this painting. These abstract paintings with limited palettes are gambles, "do or die" explorations. They can turn out oh so wonderful or oh so awful! This one is a jewel, I think. 

If you like the art style, view more in my new Etsy shop, Playing With Colors Art. See some samples in the column to the right. 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Daily Painting Abstract Red White and Blue for America's July 4th

"The Red, White, and Blue"
6 x 10" acrylic on paper 

Today's abstract daily painting celebrates Independence Day here in America. My color association with this holiday is my favorite clear blue color, cobalt blue. My second color obviously had to be red, in this case, a cadmium red light, one of the tube colors I'm needing to use up for its "old" condition! White, the third color, is a staple addition.

As I freely mix the paints on the paper I focus on colors and shapes in abstract design without a subject in mind. Often words, phrases or quotes interrupt my focus for later addition in ink lines. "From sea to shining sea" won out today and fit with the blue colors that resulted in "water" shapes. Other images of places I've visited, ocean beaches, mountain streams and falls, came to mind to complement the water theme developing.

When the paints are dry I let my black ink pen "doodle" with the color shapes. This is like a fun Rorschach ink blot test! Later I may add text here and there among the shapes. Subconsciously I'm considering at the same time design principles. Fun freedom!

Be sure to click on the image above to see all the details.

This short daily experience is so freeing for an artist, especially one originally  trained in realism. All my life I've "thought with my pencil or pen" naturally. Someone asks me a question or poses a problem and without thinking I grab paper and pen and draw pictures, schematics, words, flowcharts. You have no idea how many times I've been "corrected" for doing that! 

In recent years I met a wonderful woman scientist, Caroline Leaf, PhD.,  who focuses on communication skills and brain structure. She explained a "thinking" style that described me to a "T". I no longer apologize for my "doodling" habit.

Happy Birthday, America!    Be free!


Monday, July 1, 2013

Daily Abstract Painting Playing With Red and Blue Colors for Fourth of July

"Playing With Red and Blue"
Acrylic on paper, Artist Journal

With my garden full of red flowers in different nuances of color contrasting with periwinkle blues to purples in pansies my daily abstract painting in my art journal was destined to include these colors. This week of the Fourth of July seemed perfect. The results were a bit surprising.

I used cadmium red light, light blue violet, and vivid lime green acrylic colors. The blue violet is one of those tubes I readily grab for skies and water which saves me time mixing paint. I figured I was "safe" with it because it is a mix of ultramarine blue with a touch of red in it and white.  I was thinking of a really light blue, but this was too dark. 

The vivid lime green color, a tube color which I've been trying to finish using somewhat saved the day by providing a lighter note to the blue.  The final touches were my "doodles" in black ink.

To see all the details of the colors and lines click on the photo above.

My daily color explorations start with a limited palette of only 2-3 colors from my drawers of acrylic paint tubes categorized by hue. I drop a few piles of paint on a blank page of my journal and start mixing paints randomly to see what results. Some are duds which I "rescue" on occasion, but most of them are wonderful color combinations for later abstract paintings which you'll find in my new Etsy shop Playing With Colors Art

I enjoyed my daily fun that gets me energized for my larger more "serious" paintings I'm working on. Today it was violet colors but I haven't done the ink lines yet. Tomorrow, what colors do you think I should play with?


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