Friday, May 31, 2013

Red Poppies to Paint in My Own Garden

Bright Red Poppies Garden
I like the color red! My cottage style garden is bursting with red at the moment. The best are the red orange Oriental poppies. I've always wanted them in my yard and now they are here for the second year.
Today I didn't get to paint these gorgeous flowers, but the sun came out and my native Minnesotan neighbor came to relish the sun and the red "products". Can you imagine lush red strawberries, deep red and fragrant Mr. Lincoln roses, a large mound of bright red carnations bursting their buds, and this red poppy garden? Oh, I nearly forgot the red cora bells the humingbirds come to feast on. And hanging baskets of deep, deep red geraniums, a color I've never found before this year.  Did I say I like red?
The photo of the poppies has an interesting composition of curving lines from the flowers to the portion of the bird bath to the wire fencing to discourage cats who previously used my yard as their personal litter box. 

Enjoy a bright spot of red and be energized by the color for what you do best. I'll definitely do some plein air painting of these red poppies.

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