Saturday, May 25, 2013

Honoring Wounded Warriors on Memorial Day Weekend

Puget Sound Washington State
This morning I headed down to the beach near my home with my treat of a Starbucks latte. A quiet Saturday morning on Memorial Day weekend turned into a unique celebration of our military and their sacrifices for us. Soggy leaden skies added a picture of America this weekend with the current threats to our republic's freedom that the Wounded Warriors fought to maintain.
A friendly, up-beat guy pulls into the parking slot next to mine. He's a big fellow with an buzz cut. A few friends, a guy and couple of gals, join him. He helps them with advice about gear for diving. He's a photographer of sea life. The group of four get ready with layers of special clothing, tanks of oxygen, other items for their deep dives to check out the octopuses residing in Puget Sound near Seattle.
I'm enjoying the sights and sounds of morning fishermen on the dock way out in the water, fishing power boats coming and going, the divers chatting and hurrying around near our cars until my whole perspective got a jolt of reality. The diver/photographer is an amputee!!!!
My jaw may have dropped, but I became in awe of how the Wounded Warrior negotiated physical challenges the rest of us may have avoided. With a two "foot" landing he hopped off the sea wall into the sand, made his way through the soft sand to the muddy muck of low tide and out to the deep waters. 
After seeing his power light brightly showing before his dive,  I pulled out of the parking lot to head home. On the license holder of his car's front bumper was the plate "Washington Search And Rescue". Would he have been on alert Thursday when the interstate freeway went in the water?
Thank you to all of you who serve and have served in the military of our country. Thank you for the courage and just plain grit you show the rest of us as you pick up the pieces of your lives and keep on giving to others. God bless you and God bless America!

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