Friday, December 21, 2012

My Inspiration from Lisa Daria's Painting "Fading, Staying, Leaning"


"Fading, Staying, Leaning"
by Lisa Daria  
6 x 6" acrylic painting

Lisa Daria, one of my favorite painters, posted this exquisite colorful small painting on her blog this week. She's a bona fide daily painter. By comparison I'm more of a wannabee because I allow too many other things to take precedence to my daily painting. 

Artists find inspiration from a myriad of sources and they hope that their work is an inspiration to others. Lisa Daria uses colors and shapes to express the simple things in life. Read more about her life and art on her blog, Lisa Daria's Painting a Day. 

This colorful painting and its poignant title caught my eye because it summarizes in paint what happened when my blog posts stopped in late October. My heart has been painting in my usual bright colors as I've looked at the unfinished sunflower oil painting in my studio through the haze of multiple medication side effects. 

There have been moments I've felt the "fading" question of am I going to come out of this sudden health challenge.  I've definitely done the "leaning" part as I've had to rely on others, notably my daughter who lives nearby, for so many daily life things I normally jump in my car and go do on my own.   

The best part is the "staying" determination where I am presently regardless of the next on the list of "procedures". Doesn't that seem to be a sanitizing word that takes health "protocols" out of the realm of real, live people living in bodies that scream "king's X, those are non-natural foreign agents"?

Yesterday I squeezed out the oil paints, picked up my brushes and painted on that sunflower painting that has been waiting patiently for me. Yes, I am staying at my painting. 

When we're in staying mode the non-essentials fall away. But isn't that what we traditionally do at this time of the year in our lives and businesses? 

Merry Christmas to all my collectors and followers! Thanks for a truly remarkable year.

I believe the best is yet to come for all of us so enjoy a Blessed New Year!  


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