Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Visit with Fellow Online Artist Lynn Cummings of the Jeweled Caress

 In the rain and wind artist Lynn Cummings and her partner Michael welcomed me yesterday with tea and pumpkin bread in their Victorian house/studio in the historic district of Tacoma, WA. Do you have any idea what happens when online artists get together to share their creativity in art and business? Well, we talked and shared all afternoon and didn't cover every topic! Imagine that!

Let me introduce you to the work of Lynn and Michael showcased on their recently established Facebook page, The Jeweled Caress. Their page describes their work "as a treasure-trove of unique and decorative adornments...as well as the occasional "something different", collected throughout the years. Our own artisan jewelry designs lean towards the tastefully extravagant, fanciful, or even whimsical. Most of the findings and components used in our creations are antique or vintage bits and baubles that originate from every corner of the globe. This can include "new old stock" from the late 19th century through the 1960s, which languished nearly forgotten in warehouses...and even newer pieces stamped from vintage tooling."

Artisan jewelry by Lynn Cummings of Tacoma, WA The Jeweled Caress
Dragonfly Sky and Garden Rhinestone Cuff

The Jeweled Caress Shop  


 Already they are enjoying international interest in their unique jewelry. Please check their shop for more pieces beyond the one I've included above. And do give them a "congratulations" by "liking" their Facebook page. While there look at the many photos of previously sold work, a gallery of fine jewelry art. 


Reminder to myself:  visit other online artists nearby in addition to those I meet on trips. Anyone else in Puget Sound region wanting to spend the time to share art and business one-on-one?


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