Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Small Rural Landscape Oil Painting Summer Valley Southern Oregon

Summer Valley original oil painting of southern Oregon by artist K. Joann Russell

"Summer Valley"
4 1/4 x 6 1/4" oil on gessoed watercolor paper

 "Summer Valley" is a colorful original landscape painting showing impressionistic views of a rural  valley with evergreen trees, mountains, and a pond. I painted this small colorful painting from memories of living in southern Oregon. 

The warm yellow ochre colors in the foreground express the hot summer temperatures which often exceed 100 degrees. The stand of evergreens in the valley resembles those around the lakes in that area. The valley floor shows the variety of grasslands, some irrigated and others not.  The distant mountains and clouds are less clear in the hot weather.

This is one of the popular daily paintings that artists paint in small formats. I've been painting a number of these this summer as I've explored a variety of subjects and media. And, yes, I've neglected my blog posts. Sorry, folks. Find some more small paintings here.


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