Thursday, July 26, 2012

Nasturtiums Flowers Vegetable Garden in Paintings by K. Joann Russell

Nasturtiums in Vegetable Garden

Nasturtiums have been the subject in many of my paintings. Their colors draw my attention with their bright yellows and oranges. This morning there they were bright and bold peeking out from under a tomato plant!

This year any nasturtiums in my cottage garden of flowers and vegetables are volunteers. I've planted none of their seeds, but they have provided surprise spots of color amid the multitude of greens. In the area where the birds hang out, the nasturtiums are so prolific that the little birds skitter around under the leaves.

Did you notice another telltale leaf besides the nasturtium and tomato?  Click on the photo to enlarge it. Yes, there are new strawberry plants tucked away in spots in the garden getting settled in before production next year. 

Here's one of the paintings I've done of nasturtiums. Do you think it is time I painted another original of these colorful flowers?

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