Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bright Blue Hydrangea Flowers and Small Space Gardeners

8 x 10" signed print

Sunshine in Seattle today and we "city farmers", aka urban gardeners, revel in our outdoor growing treasures! I started my day by cutting a glass vase full of blue hydrangeas like those in this print of one of my hydrangea paintings. There is nothing like that blue color.

In the Seattle Times newspaper this morning an article on tiny, I mean really, really tiny, gardens caught my eye and intrigued my creative nature. I delighted in reading blog posts on 66 square feet living in NYC miniature apartment with miniscule "deck" for two adults and one cat!

After that my cottage garden looked mammoth only to have a neighbor tell me where he and others garden big time in a rich topsoil community garden to provide for their own dinner tables and the local Food Banks.  That I want to do, too, after sharing this summer the sunshine of my yard with neighbors in total shade so they could grow their own tomatoes along side mine!

Oh, yes, my sunflowers are reaching for the sky, slowly, so I'll have them for source material for sunflower paintings. See my sunflower original paintings and prints at my website. 

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