Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Beautiful Trader Joe Rose for a Colorful Painting

Let me introduce you to my Trader Joe rose garden! This gorgeous rosebud caught my eye this morning when I went to water the garden before today's weather hits 80 degrees! Yeah!

As you can guess, I'm a Trader Joe fan for their specialty foods. At one of their stores several years ago I bought a tiny, about 4 inches in diameter, potted rose to bring some cheer to the proverbial gray days of Seattle. I enjoyed that little rose bush indoors, so on a whim I planted it outdoors among other plants in a large pot and forgot about it. I didn't expect a house plant to survive outdoors.

Come summer there was that rose growing among the other flowers. I kept it and it grew taller and bloomed each year despite being repotted and moved interstate more than once. 

The rose was originally a pink color. It has slowly transitioned to this beautiful apricot color of today. The plant is about 3 feet tall and producing rose after rose. Along side it I have planted a second Trader Joe rose that is a deep red, or at least it was when I purchased it this past winter. There's one bud on it at the present which looks as though it is red. We'll see!

Even though my paintings are known for their bright colors this little treasure is begging to be painted in its delicate colors. Should I paint it in watercolors or opaque paints such as acrylics or oils? View a watercolor I painted in light, delicate colors. 

This rosebush must be a metaphor for survivors, the stuff of poetic words about beauty from ashes. Not being a poet, I'm just delighted to see my Trader Joe rose thriving wherever it is planted. 

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