Thursday, May 17, 2012

Colorful Abstract Painting Flowerage Series in Acrylics by K. Joann Russell

Abstract Colorful Painting on 12 x 12 canvas by artist K. Joann Russell
"Flowerage #10"
12 x 12 x 3/4" acrylic painting on gallery wrap canvas
$115.00 incl S & H in USA


Today's colorful abstract painting is an outgrowth and a continuation for two painting series. Several years ago I painted many original watercolor paintings in an intuitive abstract style. The series was entitled "Flowerages" and quite popular among collectors besides winning awards. Later I put my watercolors aside while I was working with oils and acrylics on large canvases.

This blog has shown you examples from my color explorations over the last few years. What started and continues in my personal artistic journal developed into a line of original greeting cards, 4 x 6 inch small abstract paintings. That series, "Color Chords", surprised me with its popularity and the creative use of the cards by collectors of my art. 

One day I was experimenting with a variety of substrates for my abstract paintings using acrylic paints and grabbed one of my stack of square format canvases to play with! From my journal I selected a color combination I liked and started to play with the paints! Then I set the painting aside to let it stare at me for several weeks while I evaluated the merits of the work. 

People visiting my studio saw this painting and commented positively on it, so I've finally added it to my website for purchase.  I'm deciding on a different color combination to begin another painting in this flowerage series. Be sure to click on the image above to see the details and textures of the painting. 

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