Friday, April 20, 2012

Small Landscape Painting of Rogue River Valley Oregon Using Muted Yellow Under Painting

"Down in the Valley"
Approx. 4 x 6" acrylic painting on watercolor paper
Free to first person to request it via e-mail

This small daily painting, "Down in the Valley", is a special offer for today, a Friday Surprise, if you will! All the colors are muted rather than my usual bright colors. I used an under painting layer of a yellow tending to yellow ochre. That beginning layer influenced the entire painting.

The colors of the limited palette included cerulean blue, burnt sienna, and green gold, an olive green color. I was challenging myself to use that green gold color which I do not like. My dislike is similar to that for chrome oxide green which I've written about on other posts.

The scene is from memory of hot summers coming over the hill near Gold Hill, OR into the Rogue River Valley. One of the famous Table Rocks is indicated at the left and Mt. McLaughlin shows in the distance with the equally famous Rogue River flowing near the base of the Table Rock. The painting is rendered in a stylized manner rather than exact realism or non-objective abstraction.

Once in a while I offer a free small painting to celebrate with a thank you the people who follow and collect my art. Use this link to request the painting for your collection   Visit my website for additional information.

Happy Friday! The rain has stopped and the sun has come out. Great weekend ahead. 

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