Friday, February 10, 2012

Oil Painting of Sunflower with Texture and Transparency

"Sunflower 89"
5 x 7" oil on gessoed mat board
$34.95 S&H $6.00

This small oil painting of a sunflower on gessoed mat board painted similar to a transparent watercolor is my post today after an absence from this blog. How time flies when you're having fun with paint colors!

The gesso background provides texture behind the color shapes. It reminds me of the times I painted color shapes on watercolor paper which were formed by plastic wrap pressed on wet paint. I intentionally kept the painting light in contrast to my usual strong, bold colors. Believe me, that was a challenge!

This colorful sunflower was painted as part of a group of paintings of sunflowers to compare the drying times of oils and acrylics in damp, cold weather. It was a perfect painting for adding a touch of sunshine to a winter day.

A small painting gives you so many possibilities for display. Add a wide frame to make a larger size piece of art. Hang it on the wall in that small spot of wall near the telephone. It will make you smile each time you see the painting. Display it on your office desk in a tabletop easel.

The painting comes to you unframed. The painting is sealed with varnish.

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