Monday, February 20, 2012

Colorful Sunflower Painting In Dynamic Composition

"Sunflower Ballet"
8 x 10" acrylic
$94.95 incl S&H

Creating a three-dimensional sunflower pose on a two-dimensional canvas is the challenge expressed in this colorful original painting of a sunflower. I painted this image in contrast to the typical "happy face" imagery commonly used to "say" sunflower.

The petals of the flower head point in three directions. They remind me of the delicate balance of a ballet pose, hence the title "Sunflower Ballet". Composition direction and value contrast help to show three dimensionality. I avoided strong value contrast in the petals and left that to the contrast of bright colors in the total painting.

In keeping with the drama of a ballet position I painted bright colors for the background and leaves with the typical yellow petals of the sunflower. The background appears black, but it is actually a group of dark color combinations of greens and blues not black paint.

You can read more about my sunflower paintings via this link.


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