Friday, February 24, 2012

Colorful Oil Painting of Sunflower in Series of Small Paintings of Sunflowers

"Sunflower #85"
5 x 7" Oil Painting
$34.95 incl S&H

In a series of paintings of sunflowers I experimented with the drying times of oils and acrylic paints in cold, damp winter weather. This colorful oil painting is one of those sunflower paintings.

I paint in more than one medium to keep my spontaneity going with the challenges posed by each. I've tended to paint in different seasons of the year with one medium or another without really thinking about it. En plein air work is my choice in the summer so I tend to use oils or watercolors at that time of the year. The acrylics get put away for the winter months. These practices seemed to have become habits.

I had never challenged myself to be ready to paint with any medium at any time of the year other than dry drawing materials, i.e, pencils, especially watercolor pencils. Recently in the cold, wet weather that is so common in Seattle winters I experimented with the drying times of oil paints versus acrylic paints. I guess my former life as a chemist was showing!

In conclusion, I must say that my intuitive habits were spot on. I found myself frustrated with oils this winter because they just didn't dry fast enough to keep my enthusiasm going on a particular painting. I know about and have some fast drying agents but I rarely use them because they are a bother to me when I get so focused on color alone.

My artistic journal of acrylic sketches, pages you've seen in previous posts, doesn't frustrate me in the least in winter because the drying time is slowed down to just about the pace of my free and loose brush strokes. You'll find more results from my adventures with drying times on my small paintings page.

Ironically, my long-standing experience with watercolors confirms my love of them because I can work in any weather on a painting. Even though some watercolorists use a hair dryer as they paint, I rarely ever resort to that aid when I'm painting.

Fellow artists, have you chosen your medium because of drying time considerations?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Abstract Painting of Beautiful Flowers in Delicate Texture and Color

"Color Chord #49"
4 x 6" Acrylic on Watercolor Paper Greeting Card
$14.50 incl S&H

Enjoy the delicate textures and colors of this small abstract painting inspired by the beautiful flowers of a hanging basket of fuchsias. Click on the photo to see a larger picture that shows more of the background texture in light colors of gray blues and rose tints.

This painting is #49 in the "Color Chord" series of original art I started after the artistic journal color explorations written about on this blog.

Each color chord painting is unique original art in an abstract style, not a print reproduction. I use a limited palette of two or three colors in artist quality acrylic paints.

Each of the paintings in this series is 4 x 6" on a watercolor paper 5 x 7 greeting card. The single fold card is blank on the inside for your personal greetings. A white envelope is included in the package.

View some of the cards in this series purchased by collectors.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Red Poppy Abstract Small Painting on Watercolor Paper Greeting Card

"Color Chord #46"
4 x 6" Acrylic on Watercolor Paper Greeting Card
$14.50 incl S&H

Red poppy garden flowers have been on my wish list for my garden choices for a long time. Finally I incorporated them in my design plans for the new cottage style flower garden. I'm including oriental and iceland poppies. Now I can paint them at home rather than finding them elsewhere.

Those red poppies must have been on my mind when I selected the limited palette for this small abstract painting. The textures and dark blue green colors contrast beautifully with the tissue look of the red petals.

This painting is #46 in the "Color Chord" series of original art I started after the artistic journal color explorations written about on this blog.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Colorful Sunflower Painting In Dynamic Composition

"Sunflower Ballet"
8 x 10" acrylic
$94.95 incl S&H

Creating a three-dimensional sunflower pose on a two-dimensional canvas is the challenge expressed in this colorful original painting of a sunflower. I painted this image in contrast to the typical "happy face" imagery commonly used to "say" sunflower.

The petals of the flower head point in three directions. They remind me of the delicate balance of a ballet pose, hence the title "Sunflower Ballet". Composition direction and value contrast help to show three dimensionality. I avoided strong value contrast in the petals and left that to the contrast of bright colors in the total painting.

In keeping with the drama of a ballet position I painted bright colors for the background and leaves with the typical yellow petals of the sunflower. The background appears black, but it is actually a group of dark color combinations of greens and blues not black paint.

You can read more about my sunflower paintings via this link.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Small Painting of Colorful Sunflowers in Semi-Abstract Style

Original Painting of Sunflowers by K. Joann Russell of Sunflower Studio Art
"Sunflowers 90"
5 x 7" acrylic on gessoed mat board
$34.95 S&H $6.00

A small original painting of sunflowers on gessoed mat board painted in a semi-abstract style with layers of acrylic paints. The gesso background provides texture behind the color shapes of this colorful sunflower art.

These colorful sunflowers are similar to the short sunflowers with lots of golden yellow petals that I plant in my flower garden. It is a perfect painting for adding a touch of sunshine to any day of the year.

The multi-colored brush strokes in the background contrast with the more defined sunflower petals of the foreground. The texture of the mat board provides a stamping effect currently popular in multi-media art.

More small paintings of sunflowers are available at

Friday, February 10, 2012

Oil Painting of Sunflower with Texture and Transparency

"Sunflower 89"
5 x 7" oil on gessoed mat board
$34.95 S&H $6.00

This small oil painting of a sunflower on gessoed mat board painted similar to a transparent watercolor is my post today after an absence from this blog. How time flies when you're having fun with paint colors!

The gesso background provides texture behind the color shapes. It reminds me of the times I painted color shapes on watercolor paper which were formed by plastic wrap pressed on wet paint. I intentionally kept the painting light in contrast to my usual strong, bold colors. Believe me, that was a challenge!

This colorful sunflower was painted as part of a group of paintings of sunflowers to compare the drying times of oils and acrylics in damp, cold weather. It was a perfect painting for adding a touch of sunshine to a winter day.

A small painting gives you so many possibilities for display. Add a wide frame to make a larger size piece of art. Hang it on the wall in that small spot of wall near the telephone. It will make you smile each time you see the painting. Display it on your office desk in a tabletop easel.

The painting comes to you unframed. The painting is sealed with varnish.


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