Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Colorful Sunflower Oil Painting for Winter Snow Days

Colorful Sunflower Oil Painting by K. Joann Russell
"Sunflower 88"
7 x 5" oil on canvas panel
$39.95 incl S&H

This is a new colorful oil painting of a sunflower, a special painting to brighten your day when the snow is piled up outdoors. This colorful sunflower was painted as part of a group of paintings of sunflowers to compare the drying times of oils and acrylics in damp, cold weather. It is a perfect painting for adding a happy "face" to your life every time you see it.

I selected this painting to share with you today because this is a Seattle snow day. A winter storm dumped a load of snow on us over night and it isn't going away fast enough.

I am reminded of a blog post I wrote in 2008 when we had a similar snow storm that just would not quit. Read Garden Frog Dances Today that same garden sculpture is totally covered in snow as well as the rose bush it stands near!

More covered garden sculptures are in the photo below: dragonfly metal sculpture is loaded with snow even on an incline and there is a mosaic bird house under the snow on the table!


Oil Paintings said...

Nice work done by you on this painting carry on one day you reached at the top painters list.

Garden sculptures said...

I am very sensitive to turps - even so called odorless mineral spirits. Lately I've been using sunflower in a small container to clean my brushes while painting. I paint with several brushes at a time so I don't have to clean them very often but find that sunflower oil works well. I just swish it around then wipe off on paper towel. I discard the oil after a few sessions - it is much cheaper than using walnut oil.


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