Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Colorful Small Abstract Paintings for Gifts

"Color Chord #22"
4 x 6" acrylic on watercolor paper
$14.50 free S&H in USA and Canada

Colorful small abstract paintings are the winners for gifts! That's what recent collectors are telling me.

Let's go back to the beginning of this blog. Quite simply, I was playing with colors, my passion, in an artistic journal which was an outgrowth of my scrapbooking and mixed media experiences. I was just having fun and sharing the beautiful color combinations I achieved.

Then I experimented with watercolor paper greeting cards and shared them with friends. To my amazement people wanted to buy them! So, I listed a few in my Etsy shop. Visitors started adding them as their favorites and included many of them in Treasury Lists. Then the sales started.

People were looking for the unique in cards and gifts. A person from Australia purchased several cards. Wow! She planned to frame each of the paintings to give as encouragement to a friend at each of her chemo treatments for cancer. Double wow on that one!

I kept on painting the small abstract paintings just for fun to enjoy the gorgeous colors and textures. Then I noticed that I had uploaded so many that the appearance of my Etsy shop was bothering this more representational impressionistic painter. Was there a lack of continuity in my art style?

Then I noticed that the print on demand site I use was consistently getting a lot of traffic from all over the world, even places I'd never heard of. Color was speaking a universal language I hadn't recognized.

After seeking the advice of others I've settled the issue and am re-stocking my shop and planning to keep having fun with colors in small abstract paintings. This "Color Chord #22" of the series I uploaded today. You can purchase the painting directly from me through the link above or through my Etsy shop.

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