Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Colorful Small Sunflower Painting

"Sunflower #86"
7 x 5" acrylic on canvas panel
$39.95 incl S&H

A colorful small sunflower painting to brighten your day with its yellow colors. I painted this original painting as part of an experiment in drying times of acrylics and oils on cold, wet winter days.

I used different drying agents and paint mediums for oils and acrylics. What I found was that I was already doing the best process for me. Duh! Rather than fight the weather and complicate the painting process I usually paint in acrylics during the winter and oils in the summer.

As a result of my color exploration series of abstracts I paint faster and more freely in brushstrokes. This poses a challenge for the types of paints I use. I need to achieve a balance between my fast and loose paint application and my fun in color mixing with a limited palette.

I like the slower pace of oils so that I can thoughtfully apply each brush load of paint. But, when I'm eager to paint the idea in my head, I get frustrated with the drying time of oils and lose my enthusiasm by the next day or so. Then it is hard to get back into the flow of the art piece and the fun is gone.

Maybe this shows why I so enjoy the directness of pastels and shorter drying times of watercolors.


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