Monday, August 29, 2011

Colorful Original Painting of Red Poppies Flowers Art

"Red Poppies in Shade", 12 x 9" acrylic on watercolor paper

A new original painting of red poppies is now on line. The red colors, some of my favorites, were fun to paint on gesso coated watercolor paper.

Even though the colorful flowers are in shadow with bright light behind them I chose to paint them with opaquely with acrylics. Another possibly would have been to show the transparency of the petals with watercolors or glazes of acrylics. View some of my other paintings of poppies for these two different effects.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Purple Irises Print of Beautiful Flowers Painting by Artist K. Joann Russell

"All In a Row"
Original Painting available as Fine Art Print

The original painting, "All In A Row", was inspired by my neighbor's flower garden where beautiful irises were all in a row at the front of her house.

Today I uploaded this image to my POD service (print on demand) and now you can purchase a print on stretched canvas, a framed or unframed print on fine art paper or a greeting card of this painting.

The painting image has a classical appearance to it, even a vintage look of the classic iris.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Watercolor Print of Small Inviting Sunflower Painting by K. Joann Russell

"Inviting Sunflower"
Original Watercolor available as Fine Art Print

When I designed on my website the archives page for recently sold sunflower paintings I noticed this charming watercolor that I had forgotten. Today I uploaded it to my POD service (print on demand) and now you can purchase a print on stretched canvas, a framed or unframed print on fine art paper or a greeting card of this "Inviting Sunflower".

Why call it an inviting sunflower? Notice the flower head and the visiting bee enjoying the nectar.

I'm enjoying anew the freshness of this watercolor and the transparency of the sunflower petals. In many ways I wish I had painted this painting larger, but it may have lost the simplicity of the smaller size.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Original Greeting Card Colorful Abstract Painting by K. Joann Russell

4 x 6" Acrylic on Watercolor Paper Greeting Card
"Color Chord #30"

Colorful small abstract painting with golden yellows and royal purples reminiscent of regal brocade fabrics for your gift giving or personal art collection.

This is an unusual color combination for me. It is a challenge to use the subtleties of complementary colors in a painting without a totally neutralized result, i.e., mud. This is a one-of-a-kind hand painted greeting card in gorgeous colors, a small 4 x 6" original abstract painting entitled, "Color Chord #30". Enjoy the nuances of colors.

This is one of a series of abstract impressionistic cards I'm making available after two years of color explorations in my artistic journal. Each card is one of a kind, not a print nor a copy of previous work. Have you been following the series of small paintings?

The images are 4 1/4 x 6 1/4" on a 5 x 7" single fold greeting card. The image is signed by me, the artist, and the back of the card has information about my art. The inside of the white card is blank. A matching white envelope is included.

The card can be easily framed in a standard size frame.

Give a gift of an original art greeting card, small painting, with your original personal greetings.

You'll find more of these original abstract paintings in this section of my Etsy shop:

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sunflowers Abstract Daily Color Exploration with Two Colors by K. Joann Russell

Sunflowers Sketch
6 x 10" acrylic/ink on paper

As I started to do a daily color exploration in my art journal I wanted to make it high key (light and bright) and use only two colors, azo yellow medium and light green oxide. I had no intention of drawing nor painting sunflowers, but the resulting color shapes and textures looked like the sunflowers I grow.

Sometimes I add expressive lines of black ink so that seemed the appropriate next step in this sketch. With only two colors I found the color variations most interesting.

I guess I've had a lot of sunflower art on my mind lately while organizing the archive files of my paintings of sunflowers which have sold. Every time I see this page in my artist's journal it makes me smile. I think I achieved my goal of a light and bright sketch. It also contrasts with my recent post of the muted colors in the sunflower ACEO to show you the effect of painting on white background rather than a colored ground.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sunflower ACEO Original Painting Using Limited Palette

"Sunflower #84" ACEO Original Painting
3.5 x 2.5" mixed media on watercolor paper
$14.50 with free S & H
A sunflower ACEO original painting using a limited palette shows the effects of blue and yellow color mixes. The gessoed watercolor paper I painted a golden yellow color.
With watercolor pencils I drew the sunflower image and used yellow, blue and orange washes. Later I applied acrylic washes of yellow to the flower petals. Then I used acrylic washes in varying strengths of ultramarine blue to glaze the leaves and darken the background.
Notice the color effects of the blue over the yellow areas. Remember that I did not use any green paint or green watercolor pencil. The ultramarine blue with yellows gives a muted green which adds to the subtleties of this small painting. In a white mat the ACEO is striking.
For more of my sunflower art please visit my website to enjoy the many sunflower images in the archives of sold paintings of sunflowers.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Red Poppies Flower Garden Colorful Sketch by Artist K. Joann Russell

"Red Poppies Garden Sketch"
6 x 9" acrylic/ink on paper

The reds of garden poppies draw my attention whenever they are blooming. This abstract color sketch using only four acrylic colors I painted as a fun break from a more realistic painting of poppies I am working on. I used scarlet red, cadmium yellow light, cobalt turquoise, and chrome oxide green.

I added some black ink lines after the color exploration. When I started an artistic journal a few years ago I used expressive black lines because I like to doodle over the color shapes. Later I stopped adding the lines when painting the color chord series of abstract greeting cards. You'll find some of them in my Etsy shop.

Red poppies are one of the perennials I want to plant in my new garden. This year I've used my "tried and true" bright nasturtiums and petunias to provide masses of colors from purples to reds to yellows. Have you viewed my colorful flower paintings including prints of red poppies?


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