Monday, September 26, 2011

Sunflower Garden for Paintings of Sunflowers by K. Joann Russell

First Sunflower of 2011 Garden

Each year my sunflower garden provides me lots of reference poses for my paintings of sunflowers. A late wet spring and only 3,323 minutes of summer for the Seattle area made me wonder if my sunflowers would even bloom before frost covered them. Alas, in the last several days the first sunflower bloomed! Then several more popped out only to start drooping from a pounding by wind and rain storms.

Among the several photos I took of this one sunflower I found this pose the most interesting. It made me think of petal like layers of a skirt blowing in the wind. I wanted to show the greens of the blossom head and the leaves. I deliberately left out the top petals of the sunflower. The challenge now is to draw a composition for a painting.

You'll find lots of sunflowers in original paintings and prints on my website.

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