Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Colorful ACEO Painting in Pastel Pink Watercolors Challenge Artist K. Joann Russell

"Sweet Peas" ACEO Original Painting
3.5 x 2.5" watercolor on watercolor paper
$14.50 with free S and H

Pastel pink flowers among my garden sweet peas challenged me to paint their fragile petals in delicate colors. For a person who is a jewel tones type pastels are a big challenge. Even painting in light colors without strong contrasts is definitely not my forte. This ACEO original painting met the challenge.

The beautiful soft colors of these flowers needed to be painted in a transparent technique to show how delicate they and their fragrance were in the hot weather.

I chose one stem of these beautiful pink flowers to paint in watercolors. Because the folds of the petals are so intricate I used watercolor pencils to draw them in a representational style. The final effect of the watercolors is somewhat abstract due to the flower shapes.

I like this unique piece of art for the challenges it posed to me. In addition, pastels rarely appear in the strong colors I tend to use in my colorful paintings.
You can view more paintings in this size here.

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