Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Colorful Painting Sketch Using Three Colors by Artist K. Joann Russell

Color Sketch
5 x 9 inch acrylic on paper
A color sketch I recently painted with only 3 colors turned out unusually beautiful. The limited palette consisted of green gold, light blue violet, and dioxazine purple. The variety of colors achieved by mixing the blue and olive green were more than the scanner could show you. Be sure to click on the image to enlarge it to see the variety of colors and textures.
As you may know, my nearly daily fun with colors results in color sketches for my artist journal. I never tire of playing with colors to see what I can find from color mixes. These sketches spurred me on to doing small abstract paintings in a series of color explorations entitled, "Color Chords".
The small abstract paintings I now paint on watercolor paper greeting cards have surprisingly become quite popular. People use them for gifts, unique greeting cards, or framed collections of art for their decor. Some that have recently sold are shown on my website.

You'll find an entire section of my Etsy shop kjoannrussell filled with these colorful 4 x 6" acrylic paintings on one of a kind greeting cards. Soon the growing collection will be available on my website.

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