Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Abstract Flowers Sketches With Limited Palettes by K. Joann Russell

Colorful Abstract Flower Painting by K. Joann Russell
Abstract Nasturtiums Color Sketch
5 x 9 inch acrylic on paper

Nasturtiums in red, bold orange, bright yellow, and a subtle light yellow have been blooming profusely and covering my garden like a multi-colored carpet. I've enjoyed the bright colors along with the reds and purples of petunias and other flowers. I painted two color sketches on different days in response to the colors of the nasturtiums.

The first sketch using cadmium red light, Hansa yellow medium and viridian is shown above. It is an  expressive sketch with stronger greens than those in nasturtiums to contrast with the bright yellows and oranges.

Colorful Abstract Painting of Nasturtiums by K. Joann Russell
Abstract Nasturtiums #2 Color Sketch
5 x 9 inch acrylic on paper

A few days later I used different colors to show more true leaf color for the colorful nasturtiums. My palette changed to scarlet red, cadmium red medium, naples yellow, and light emerald green. Again I was responding to the color profusion of reds, oranges and yellows among emerald green foliage. 

The colors in this sketch are closer to those in the flowers, but I find less excitement in this sketch because of the lack of color contrast from the viridian greens in the first sketch. Click on each of the sketches to view a larger photo which shows the colors and textures in greater detail. Which one do you like?

To see other color combinations I've used in paintings of nasturtiums click here.

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