Monday, August 15, 2011

Sunflowers Abstract Daily Color Exploration with Two Colors by K. Joann Russell

Sunflowers Sketch
6 x 10" acrylic/ink on paper

As I started to do a daily color exploration in my art journal I wanted to make it high key (light and bright) and use only two colors, azo yellow medium and light green oxide. I had no intention of drawing nor painting sunflowers, but the resulting color shapes and textures looked like the sunflowers I grow.

Sometimes I add expressive lines of black ink so that seemed the appropriate next step in this sketch. With only two colors I found the color variations most interesting.

I guess I've had a lot of sunflower art on my mind lately while organizing the archive files of my paintings of sunflowers which have sold. Every time I see this page in my artist's journal it makes me smile. I think I achieved my goal of a light and bright sketch. It also contrasts with my recent post of the muted colors in the sunflower ACEO to show you the effect of painting on white background rather than a colored ground.

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