Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sunflower ACEO Original Painting Using Limited Palette

"Sunflower #84" ACEO Original Painting
3.5 x 2.5" mixed media on watercolor paper
$14.50 with free S & H
A sunflower ACEO original painting using a limited palette shows the effects of blue and yellow color mixes. The gessoed watercolor paper I painted a golden yellow color.
With watercolor pencils I drew the sunflower image and used yellow, blue and orange washes. Later I applied acrylic washes of yellow to the flower petals. Then I used acrylic washes in varying strengths of ultramarine blue to glaze the leaves and darken the background.
Notice the color effects of the blue over the yellow areas. Remember that I did not use any green paint or green watercolor pencil. The ultramarine blue with yellows gives a muted green which adds to the subtleties of this small painting. In a white mat the ACEO is striking.
For more of my sunflower art please visit my website to enjoy the many sunflower images in the archives of sold paintings of sunflowers.

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