Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Artist Inspiration from Dragonfly Arts of Maine to Sunflower Studio Art

"Prout's Syncopation"
by Rachel Maher of Dragonfly Arts of Maine

Rachel Maher contacted me several years ago because she was inspired by my paintings. I encouraged her as she started developing her uniqueness as a watercolor artist. Later she told me that she was fighting leukemia.

Through all the challenges that illness brings, Rachel keeps being true to her gifting as an artist. She continues to grow as an artist and as a Christian believer. She and her husband David haven't stopped reaching out to others in need with their love and prayers. They send us occasional updates.

Today was the day for the present update with good news of arrested/delayed symptoms in the fight with the big "c". But, this time, she is the inspiration for me as I get back to work painting after weeks of fighting a weird sickness that seemed only a "simple" sinus infection and sore throat. The "bug" drained my energy and usual stamina which I am now regaining slowly, too slowly to suit me.

I've not been on this "page" before where it takes determination to pick up a paint brush when your body is fighting you at nearly every moment. Rachel deals with this each day. I'm only learning to fight through the present "bad" times. We're not alone, other artists have their challenges, too.

But, come what may, we're in our studios wherever they are, facing each day. "Why," you ask? One simple answer, Life! This is our life. It is who we are and what makes us tick. It's our music.

Thanks for the inspiration, Rachel, and all the other artists out there whom I admire and from whose art I draw inspiration and encouragement.


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