Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Red Poppies Field Abstract Color Exploration Sketch

"Red Poppies Sketch
6 1/2 x 10" acrylic on paper

Red poppies attract my attention wherever I find them. The red colors, the graceful petals, the challenging foliage, the buds... all are fascinating to me. The challenge in this abstract sketch was the red and green colors.

The goal in this color exploration was to use the red and greens without looking like the usual Christmas colors. In addition, poppy greens are grayed in tone which gets me over into the chromium oxide green range, my least favorite color.

Because this is a sketch in my personal artistic journal rather than a painting for a collector I could take the liberty to use any brand of paint, fine art or craft. Rather than the dreaded chromium oxide green I used a celery and a spruce from leftover scrapbooking supplies my daughter shared with me.

The names of the colors in the leftover bottles, celery and spruce, point to the problem of naming paint colors so they can be reproduced. What is the color celery? Yes, I can mix that color from fine art paints and it will be what I see as celery. The same is true for spruce. However, what is celery color to me may not be the same for you. Interior designers use color names such as celery in communicating with you. However, their "celery" and yours may be poles apart.

Happily I'm a few years removed from celery talk and can simply have fun with color explorations in my journal. However, I will be painting a red poppy composition when they bloom. In the meantime, view my poppies in prints.


Baran=Rain said...

I LOVE LOVE love your paintings, Realy beautiful and artistic! You are a Great artist, Thanks for being so alive and creative full of colours and life
I am a painter too, but I'm not as good as you


K Joann Russell said...

Thanks for the compliments. Yes, color is quite important to me and the challenge of my work as a painter.

art-Profiles said...

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