Monday, February 28, 2011

Abstract Colorful Small Painting Floral Art Rhododendron Colors

4 x 6" acrylic on watercolor paper greeting card
"Color Chord #14"

My color explorations that developed into a series of abstract small paintings on greeting card watercolor paper have been popular from the day I offered them to collectors. Many say that they are not giving the greeting card as a gift because they like the painting so much that they plan to frame it for themselves.

Yesterday I read a few sentences of author Mitchell Albala in his chapter on color in the book "Landscape Painting". He said, "Ultimately, working with color is as much about ongoing experimentation as it is about the application of theory. Understanding color is a lifelong endeavor, not something that can be fully grasped in a short amount of time. The most brilliant colorists confess that they are still trying to figure it out."

I'm not a brilliant colorist but I'm definitely still trying to figure it out. That's my play with colors. This little gem of color exploration reminds me of the rhododendrons of the northwest that start blooming about now and continue through spring. The delicate colors of petals against the deep greens of the leaves are gorgeous as the flowers start to bloom.

Today I sent several of these cards to Australia to a new collector who plans to frame and give the paintings one by one as encouragement gifts as a friend goes through a series of cancer treatments. What a wonderful way to celebrate a friendship!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Small Painting Original Abstract Art 4 x 6 inch on Watercolor Greeting Card

4 x 6" acrylic on watercolor paper greeting card
"Color Chord #18"

Cobalt blue and lime green colors in this small abstract painting give a hint of spring trees starting to leaf out with a bright blue sky in the background. This painting was selected today for a treasury collection on Etsy entitled "Blue and Gold Hello".

This colorful small painting can be framed in a standard size frame. It can also be used as a unique greeting card. The single fold watercolor paper card is blank on the inside. It comes with a white envelope. This is an original, not a print.

"Color Chord #18" is one in an on-going series of original greeting cards which is a further exploration with colors from this blog. The cards are available at my Etsy shop.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Colorful Floral Small Painting ACEO Beautiful Garden Flowers Art

2.5 x 3.5" Watercolor on paper ACEO

Selected today for two different collection lists on! Wow!

This small painting of beautiful flowers in a garden is an original ACEO painting. I used watercolor crayons in a variety of colors to express the peaceful afternoon shade in flower gardens.

For those not acquainted with the term ACEO, it stands for "Art Cards, Editions and Originals". They originated with Art Trading Cards (ATC) among artists. The dimensions (3.5 x 2.5") are the same as other trading cards. They are very popular currently.

Purchasing an ACEO is an economical way to collect original art. Some people have large collections of these. There are special display cases for them as well as other accessories. I like to see them framed in a group matting. Little colorful gems that are one of a kind!

This gem of a painting is varnished, ready for framing display.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bright Red Petunias Flowers Painting Floral Art Fine Art Print

"Petunia Patterns"
8 x 10" acrylic on canvas ORIGINAL SOLD
Prints Available

Brilliant red petunias in sunlight made interesting shadows in the flower garden. The original colorful painting of these flowers is sold, but a variety of prints on paper and canvas are available. This image was added to my gallery of prints today.

Have you looked at the many paintings of mine that now have prints available? You can choose framed or unframed prints, select your framing colors, or choose a gallery wrap canvas ready to hang. And you can purchase on line greeting cards of this image of red petunias among the many other images.

View and purchase prints.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Small Colorful Abstract Art Painting 4 x 6 Original Landscape Colors Greeting Card

"Color Chord #15"
4 1/4 x 6 1/4" image on 5 x 7" greeting card
acrylic on watercolor paper

Colorful small abstract painting for you or use as an art greeting card. What a unique gift of art for a special person on a special occasion! This is a one-of-a-kind hand painted greeting card in gorgeous colors, a small 4 x 6" original abstract painting entitled, "Color Chord #15".

Remember to click on the image to see a large picture that shows colors and textures of the painting.

The landscape colors in this original art reminded me of rock formations among pine trees and vast amber fields of grain or even the deep blue greens of ocean bays. Enjoy the many nuances of colors.

This is one of a series of abstract impressionistic cards I'm making available after two years of color explorations in my artistic journal. Each card is one of a kind, not a print nor a copy of previous work.

The images are 4 1/4 x 6 1/4" on a 5 x 7" single fold greeting card. The image is signed by me, the artist, and the back of the card has information about my art. The inside of the white card is blank. A matching white envelope is included.

The card can be easily framed in a standard size frame.

Give a gift of an original art greeting card, small painting, with your own personal greetings.

You may purchase the painting in my Etsy shop or contact me by e-mail.


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