Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Creativity and Artist's Life As a Painter of Landscapes, Puget Sound

"Puget Sound"
5 x 7" acrylic on gessoed mat board

Reading this afternoon Ali Edwards' book, "Life Artist", which my two creative daughters are sharing with me has my focus again on creativity and the lives of artists. Ali's premise that it is OK to express yourself your way in art (she started in scrapbooking)takes me back to the days when my girls were little and I was doing creativity workshops and writing articles to encourage women to "paint outside the lines" in art and life. I guess Ali's book was a bit of deja vu, and I felt like saying, "Now, that's what I meant!"

Then I watched Donna Downey's Inspiration Wednesday video for today. Oh, what fun! To see watercolor painting used with a creative flair that most found hard to envision back in the time of my creativity workshops.

I find Ali Edwards and Donna Downey to be artists who have blended craft and fine art into truly creative works that can't be defined as one or the other designation. That is so refreshing!

My contribution for today in the blurred boundary lines of creativity in craft or fine art is a small landscape painting. I developed a composition from a variety of personal experiences of our typical Puget Sound marine landscape. I used archivally prepared gessoed mat board not canvas. The paints are professional quality acrylics. Acrylics have had a reputation as "craft" paints. I used them for the strong, clear colors that dry very quickly. I painted in a representational style rather than the impressionistic abstract look in my new greeting card series.

My painting is available in my Etsy shop.

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