Monday, April 12, 2010

Gerbera Daisy ACEO Original Colorful Painting by K Joann Russell

"Gerbera Daisy Gift"
3.5 x 2.5" acrylic on watercolor paper ACEO

Using deep magenta, red violet, and a turquoise I painted this unusual "pose" of a Gerbera Daisy flower. Some of the many petals turned in a side view showing the contrast of the light striking on the under side of the petals versus the darker center and petals in shadow. I selected this color in the daisy knowing the challenge to paint the intense color without becoming garish. Yes, it was a challenge, but so much fun.

The interesting part of this post is the story behind the daisy. A local florist, Rogue River Florist, 541-476-8831, advertised a free daisy as a promo for their opening under new ownership. When the former owner was selling the business I happened to see their shop and location and thought how sad to lose another local business to hard times, especially a place where lovely flowers and unique gifts were available.

When I read about the new owner, Tracy Dooley, who had re-established other failing floral shops in California, I was so glad to hear of someone who could see a brighter future for this small town in a depressed area of high unemployment and real estate foreclosures. When I stopped in to select my gift daisy I was delighted with beautiful displays of floral arrangements, some artificial ones that begged to be touched to see if they were real, and refrigerated colorful fresh flowers. And the background music was tasteful, a complement to the floral colors.

In addition, it was so pleasant to be welcomed by a sales person really genuinely friendly and customer service oriented. She offered a greenery to go with my daisy and wrapped them carefully including a color coordinated ribbon. What a special way to introduce a "new" business to town. Can you tell I was impressed?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Small Colorful Painting of Pansy Flower Garden by K Joann Russell

"Red Pansy" ACEO
2.5 x 3.5 " acrylic on watercolor paper

Pansies seem to be drawing my attention during this seasonal transition into spring. Among my selection of unusual colors this year is a velvety deep red variety. The challenge in the color mixing to depict that red color was fun, to say the least! I used a combination of deep brilliant red and maroon acrylic paints to get close to the true color of the petals. I must admit that there was a point in making this small painting that I nearly gave up. I kept going until the colors and composition gave me a degree of satisfaction.

You can purchase this red pansy in my Etsy shop where I sell my ACEOs.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pansies Original Painting, Colorful Garden Flowers, Artist K. Joann Russell

"Pansy Patch #2"
9 x 12" original acrylic painting on Watercolor Paper

Bright colors of pansies in a spring garden make us smile. This is another original flower painting of a pansy patch I found on a walk. I've changed some of the pansies from the earlier painting.

Today I moved some golden yellow and some purple pansies into pots in my garden. With the red tulips and the dark red pansies they make a grand display of color even when the weather has been trying to mix snow in with the rain. However, when the sun comes out, are the colors ever wonderful to behold!

On to another small flower painting I go, a richly colored Gerbera daisy I received yesterday. When that painting is finished I'll tell you that story.


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