Thursday, November 18, 2010

Warm and Cool Reds Abstract Poppies Artistic Journal Sketch

"Abstract Poppies" 4 1/2 x 8" acrylic on paper
artist journal sketch

Recently I wanted to use some bright, clear colors for my daily artistic journal sketch. My choice of colors included azo yellow orange, cobalt blue, and two reds, one cool and one warm. They were very close in color temperature but I chose them any way to see if they could be distinguished from one another. The reds are cadmium red medium and scarlet red.

As usual, I brushed these colors onto the paper without a preconceived idea for a composition. I just wanted bright colors. Some colors mixed with each other, others remained separate hues. Splashes of titanium white gave some relief to the powerful colors.

When I reached the point where I was getting concerned that a muddy mess could happen at any moment, I stopped and looked at the result of playing with colors. To me, the brush strokes resulting from using only one flat brush seemed to suggest petals of red poppies, flowers I like.

Can you tell where the two reds are located in the sketch? Click on the sketch to enlarge the image.

If you couldn't distinguish the warm and the cool reds, be encouraged because color temperature also changes with the influence of other colors nearby. What fun! And never ending challenge!

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