Friday, September 3, 2010

Light Colors of Orange and Lime Green in Artistic Journal Sketch

Orange and Lime Green Color Sketch
5 x 8" acrylic on paper

Yesterday I mentioned that I had selected cadmium orange and Liquitex vivid lime green to play with color combinations for the next sketch. Oh, how I wish I had said three colors when I was in the middle of this color sketch. I just wanted a darker blue green to work with. However, I kept to the parameters I set for this sketch.

I used only a 3/4 inch angular flat brush to play with these colors. I naturally resorted to my watercolor habits of lifting colors and painting negatively. I did some layering of washes, too, to tone down the strong lime green.

Finally I doodled with my micro permanent black ink pen mostly in a negative manner. It is almost a hypnotic process with one caveat, one diastrous stroke and everything is ruined if you're not using "white out".

Negative painting, as you many remember when I've mentioned it in previous posts, is a technique in which you paint the background behind the object to produce the positive shape of the object. The best way to understand what this means is to draw a tree by drawing the spaces between the branches, not the branches themselves. Try it for a lot of fun. It's similar to patting your head while rubbing your tummy or seeing double.

My usual painting style tends toward strong color contrasts, so this light and airy high key sketch is very different for me. I feel it needs more "punch" to the composition, but I'm going to let it be what it is for this day. Maybe I'm expressing the dry grass lands around my present location, but I choose to interpret this sketch as a happy, joyful exploration of color. Have a happy Labor Day celebration!

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