Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sketch Using Scarlet Red, Blue, Emerald Green Colors

5 x 8.5" Color Sketch
Acrylic/Ink on paper

What a contrast in colors from yesterday's post! This little gem has scarlet red, light emerald green, and ultramarine blue in it. I also always have titanium white available in these color explorations.

When I pulled out the color tubes I wanted a bright red first of all. It took a moment or two to decide on the blue and the green to go with the scarlet red. I also wanted to add surface texture by using thick paint strokes.

In the process of playing with the colors I became concerned that I was headed for dark, muddy colors but stopped before reaching that disaster point. Later I wondered if the colors were reflective of my concern over the smoky skies from nearby forest fires even though that was not my intention for the sketch. I did deliberately add the ink lines in the background to suggest evergreen trees and particularly pine trees that are around my present temporary location.

I'm satisfied that I somehow tempered the strong, almost garish acrylic colors. That has been the challenge for me in painting in acrylics, controlling color mixing in the speedy drying time.

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