Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bright Colorful Journal Sketch by K Joann Russell

5 x 8" Color Sketch
Acrylic/ink on paper

Three colors (yellow light hansa, vivid red orange, and vivid lime green) gave me bright, lovely combinations in this color exploration sketch. It's been a long time since I last posted on my blog even though I do these quick, fun sketches nearly every day.

I guess I've been thinking that I should be using my blog for finished paintings as so many artists do. However, when I'm working on larger paintings I tend not to think about blogging. Maybe someone would enjoy patches of color from those paintings. Maybe not.

As I mentioned in previous sketches these are part of my artist's journal. I select only a few colors that appeal to me at the moment and start free flowing brush strokes for the pure enjoyment of the changing colors. Later I add quick, expressive black ink lines to complete the sketch.

More than a year ago I started this journal to loosen up my painting more. I'm surprised at how much I've done in that journal, now bulging with wrinkly pages. I didn't want to stymie my creativity with precious, expensive art papers so the wavy paper is to be expected.

Around the sketch page I write notes, comments, quotes for myself. On each page I also note the colors I used. Sometimes I go back looking for a special color when I'm "stuck" on a painting.

I'm happy to share my fun with others, but I must admit that I still do not find chrome oxide green "fun", try as I may!


Gretchen Bjornson ART said...

What a great reference. I hadn't thought about using my sketchbook in that way....but I will now. Thanks!

K Joann Russell said...

This particular sketchbook isn't a regular sketchbook. It is a big journal book I found in a sale pile. I pasted paper from another flimsy drawing sketch pad so that water wouldn't totally ruin everything. The point was to make it workable but not precious like a new sheet of 140# WC paper.


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