Friday, August 27, 2010

Blue and Yellow Decor Palette Artistic Journal Sketch by K. Joann Russell

Sky Blue and Sunflower Yellow Sketch
5 x 8" acrylic/ink on paper

Clear blue skies, golden yellow sunflowers on a summer day must have been on my mind as I played with only two colors. I wanted something light and sunny. This time I wanted to try a different brand of acrylic paint, Amsterdam Azo Yellow Medium, along with one of my favorites from Liquitex, Light Blue Violet. I use a lot of this blue color because it saves me time in mixing its components, ultramarine blue and white.

Because my specialty is original sunflower paintings I like to try different brands of yellow paint. This is the first time I used the Amsterdam paint. I've seen it on beginning painting class supply lists at places such as JoAnn's and Michael's. I don't know that I'm excited about it. It seems to remind me of the poster card acrylic paints that used to turn me off to using acrylics. I purchased an expensive brand of yellow recently from my favorite local art supply store that I'm eager to play with because it is supposed to work well with both acrylics and oils.

Notice the greens that these two colors produced. They tend toward more grayed greens because of the red that is in ultramarine and the medium yellow. Red is directly across the color wheel from green so they neutralize each other to grays. I purposely kept them rather light to complement the lightness of this small painting sketch. Those two colors can turn to a khaki green very fast, not my favorite color.

This color combination is more subtle than the popular decor cobalt blue and bright yellow. That blue is a more clear, pure blue. However, it usually is more pricey than the ultramarine because of the cobalt in its chemical compound. I think I'm getting a little tired of that color scheme in the decorating world. Strangely though, I seem never to tire of a crisp, clear blue and white decor with a few splashes of other bright colors such as reds or oranges. Maybe those simply remind me of the beach, one of my favorite places.

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