Tuesday, May 12, 2009

California Poppies Sketch from Artist K Joann Russell

"California Poppies Sketch"
4 x 6" acrylic on watercolor paper

This little watercolor is a sketch from the design project I've been working on. I focused on the yellow and orange colors more than defining the flowers petal by petal. If you look click on the image and look closely you'll see my pencil lines indicating basic shapes for the colorful flowers.

I think I like my previous poppies sketch from a previous post. Painting in a washy watercolor style with acrylic paints is different for me. When using acrylics I customarily paint opaque shapes with visible brushstrokes. This is a good illustration of painting techniques.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

One of my most popular Sunflower Decor Prints featured today

"Many Though One"
Decor Print in 11 x 14" Mat

Wow, oh wow what a week! Lots going on as more and more people contact me about my colorful paintings and decor prints. I attended an online class last week for artists new to Facebook, Twitter and such. I've been working on developing my Facebook page Sunflower Studio Art in addition to learning to tweet on Twitter @kjoannrussell.

I used this print to display more sunflower art on Facebook Sunflower Studio Art. This has been a standout print for me. So many have commented on it. You can read more about it here

And I received a great compliment on my art today on Brushspace

All the above and the sunshine that is now appearing after a very windy storm makes me smile.


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