Saturday, March 14, 2009

California Poppies Sketch in Artistic Journal of K Joann Russell

"California Poppies Sketch"
8 x 5" Acrylic on paper

As I mentioned in this blog earlier this year, I've been using an artistic journal to help me paint in a more painterly, loose manner. It's working, folks. I've noticed it in my recent paintings. I'm encouraged.

Yesterday brought back some memories of my many precious childhood art experiences in California where I was born. My first painting of the Woodside Store (San Carlos-Redwood City area) was done in pastels. Today to "celebrate" the child in me, I did a quick sketch of the well-celebrated bright California poppies. I used only a yellow, a orange, a green, and a blue color plus a touch of white to make this little gem of a sketch.

I must admit that I may have overworked this sketch, but it did end short of disaster. At one point there was a spontaneous freshness that I "ruined" when I started to work more on parts of the flowers. Artists understand the dilemna of when to stop a painting and call it "done". I had fun playing with the colors and that's all that matters to me.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Sunflowers Painting by Artist K. Joann Russell of Sunflower Studio Art

"Sunflower Coming Forth"
9 x 12 x .75 acrylic painting, gallery wrap canvas
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After three days of intermittent snow and bright sunshine I finally was able to photograph this newly completed painting. It is a great illustration of painting surfaces and the sharpness of an image. The canvas grain prevents the type of hard edged shapes I often paint on watercolor papers. Even watercolor surfaces vary in texture. The peaks and valleys of the surfaces make for fun results. Add those to the brush strokes produced by a variety of brushes and you see how creative art can be.

I showed the watercolor version of this image in an earlier blog post. I'm becoming a fan of acrylic paints again. The colors can be so clear. I like to paint fast when such gorgeous colors surprise me. Besides, when it is cold and wet weather the speedy drying time is a big bonus.


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