Thursday, November 19, 2009

Playing With Colors in Artist Inspiration Journal of K. Joann Russell

Playing with colors gives me lots of fun. I have no subject matter in mind. I simply enjoy a select few colors and how they affect each other and what other colors come from their mixtures.

At the beginning of this year I started an art inspirational journal to encourage me to paint more interpretatively with loose brush strokes. The results have been quite interesting and I've shared a few on this blog.

As we approach the end of 2009 I've looked back at my entries and discovered that the most appealing pages for me were the ones with color splashes and quick black ink gestural lines.

I write around and on the entries with quotes, phrases, words. I often make it a spiritual journal. I've started to write in pencil on a page edge the color names I used because some really lovely color combinations have resulted. I want to remember and reference them for my paintings especially when I get in a rut using the same colors over and over.

So, I'm sharing three for the "price" of one today. Enjoy the colors and lines! Remember to click on the images for closeup views.

"Faith Test"
5 x 8.5" acrylic/ink on paper

5 x 8.5" acrylic/ink on paper

5 x 8.5" acrylic/ink on paper

I look forward to hearing from you or reading your comments.

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